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Channel Master Model 5216IFD Headend Amp/LNB Power Supply

Model 5216IFD Dual polarization 16db Headend LNB amplifier with LNB powering 117 VAC power supply.
Designed to drive dual polarization, passive IF distribution networks. May also be used as
dual high level line extenders in cases where 117 VAC power is available.

950 - 1750 MHz
Return Loss: 13 eB
Isolation amp A to amp B: 55dB
Noise Figure: 6.0 dB
LNB A Voltage: +18VDC
LNB B Voltage: +13VDC
LNB Current (max): 350mA
Voltage requirements: 117 VAC

$36.95 each plus shipping
plus $8.50 shipping within the Cont. 48 United States
Includes Shipping within the 48 Cont. United States

Tru Spec SPI-14/18-2150

$79.99 each plus shipping
plus $10.0shipping within the Cont. 48 United States
Includes Shipping within the 48 Cont. United States

TruSpec power inserters supply constant DC voltage to C/Ku or DSS Satellite LNBs, microwave down-converters and in-line amplifiers – Plug-in External UL Power Wall Adapter.
Included – Input Voltage 120VAC 60Hz 35W – Operating Frequency 400-2150MHz – 2
Independent Paths – Output Voltage Selection Switch 13-14/17-18 or 17-18/17-18 VDC 600mA – Insertion Loss 2dB 1dB – Isolation 65dB.


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