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Remote Controls

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The remotes below are available. Please call to place an order or get prices.

AZ Box Elite / Ultra Remote Control

24.99 plus 5.50 for shipping in the US

AZ Box Premium / Premium Plus Remote Control

29.99 plus 7.50 for shipping in the US

2700A or 3500SD Pansat Remote Control

9200HD Pansat Remote Control

360 Premier Sonicview Remote Control

360 Elite Sonicview Remote Control

8000HD Sonicview Remote Control

DBS1500 Traxis Remote Control

14.95 each plus Shipping

DBS3500 Traxis Remote Control

14.95 each plus Shipping

Mercury II Fortec Remote Control

Lifetime Classic NA Fortec Remote Control

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In Association with Gofastmotorsports.com

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