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ALGA "BLUE" 5G Filter
ALGA C-Band 5G "Blue" Filter, 4.0-4.2 GHz Band Pass - $375.00

Having Issues on your C-Band Reception???
If your in a major city / market, then you are likely experiencing 5G Interference!
Install the ALGA BLUE Filter to Block out Unwanted 5G and Get Your Signals Back Now!

This is what I had to put on my system and it Works!

Limited Quantity - IN STOCK! - GPS1 Global Positioner Series Dish Mover - $175.00!

PR1200 Primestar Dish Movers will be back in Stock Soon!
Place your Pre Order Now and lock in your Price of $149.00!
Expected to be back in stock the end of Dec. or Jan. 2024*.

*The Delivery date was updated, due to attacks on the high seas and the ships are having to avoid the
Suez Canel and go around Africa to get here. This has delayed the arrival of the order.

DM2800 Opticum H to H DiSEqC Motor for up to 1.2 Meter Satellite Dishes for $199.00!
This motor works with the GEOSATpro 1.2 Meter Satellite Dish!

Galaxy 19 Ku-Band Free To Air Satellite System

Item # GLOBAL STAR SYS 150 - $299.00 Includes Shipping
Within the 48 Cont. United States

Includes SX87 SE WL Octagon Satellite Receiver
SL1PLL GEOSATpro Standard Ku-Band LNBF
90CM GEOSATpro Offset Satellite Dish
Installation Kit.

SX87 SE WL Octagon Satellite Receiver

SL1PLL GEOSATpro Ku-Band Standard LNBF

Installation Kit

4 - Lag Bolts
1 - 75' RG6 Coax Cable
1 - 25' RG6 Coax Cable
10 - Cable Nailer Clips
1 - Grounding Block
4' of Ground Wire
1 - Hand Compass
1 - Hand Level

GEOSATpro 90CM CM Satellite Dish

Item # GLOBAL STAR SYS 150 - $299.00 Includes Shipping

Within the 48 Cont. United States

Signal Meter SF95 for $14.95 - This can be helpful in aiming in the dish to locate the satellited.

Click Here to See Our Other Ku-Band Satellite Systems

OCTAGON SX88 V2 4K UHD S2+IP E2 Linux + DEFINE Linux OS Dual Multiboot, SAT>IP Satellite Receiver

The new SX V2 series from Octagon is the combined version of the highly sought-after SF and SX models.
This receiver with Dual OS meets all the requirements of a multimedia device and now offers even more possibilities.

$139.00 plus $15.00 for Shipping in the 48 Cont. United States

$154.00 Includes Shipping in the United States
Within the 48 Cont. United States

North American C-Band Satellites downlink in frequencies ranging from 3700MHz to 4200MHz. Reception of C-Band Signals generally requires a Satellite dish of at least 6' in Diameter and in most cases a 10' dish is best. You will also need a C-Band LNB or LNBF.

Most North American Ku-Band Satellites downlink in frequencies ranging from 11700MHz to 12200MHz. Reception of Ku-Band Signals generally require a Satellite dish of at least 75CM and a Ku-Band LNB or LNBF. The Ku-Band is a much higher frequency and a much smaller beam, so it can be received with a smaller dish.

Complete Satellite listings of Analog & Digital Free To Air and Scrambled Channels - Compliments of Lyngsat

We do not provide or condone the use of third party software. Using third party software may be illegal and will void product warranty. Do not email or call us asking about DN, DTV, etc. Our satellite receivers are designed and intended for 100% legal FTA use only. We will refuse sale to anyone whom we believe intends to use any of our products illegally or sell our products for any other type illegal use.

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NEW!!! GPS1 Global Positioner Series Dish Mover / Actuator Controller

NEW!!! DM2800 Opticum H to H Motor
For 1.2 Meter Satellite Dish

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